65 apps and products and counting.

I’ve been collecting notes on problematic, cautionary, and downright frustrating User eXperiences and User Interfaces (UX/UI) for a few years now. I’ve been annoyed as hell about them for most of my life, but in the past few years I decided to take my design sensibilities seriously and take notes on these things. My hope and intention is that this process is not only beneficial for my own design thinking, but also might be of benefit to the businesses involved; or at least, to some more UX-focused competitors.

For the moment, I’m penning this as a kind of introductory post, with my current list of software and apps that I’ve taken note of (and on the positive side, I also have some notes – usually screen captures – on examples of excellence which I’ll turn into another series of posts eventually).

With further ado, here are the websites/apps/products which have inspired (hah hah) me to take notes on what could be made better:

  1. Quickbooks
  2. Android
  3. contacts_app
  4. GoogleMaps
  5. Evernote
  6. Excel
  7. TODOist
  8. TabsOutliner
  9. TrackingTime
  10. Vue
  11. IDM
  12. DOTA2
  13. iDoneThis
  14. Picasa
  15. Workflowy
  16. CodeSchool
  17. Amazon
  18. iTunes
  19. Streak
  20. eBay
  21. medium
  22. agar-dot-io
  23. Airtable
  24. habitica
  25. flowtime
  26. GMail
  27. Chrome
  28. trello
  29. DesignLab
  30. ChaosControl
  31. theBrain
  32. Asana
  33. ConceptBoard
  34. StudyBlue
  35. LucidChart
  36. aSmarterWayToLearn
  37. JavaScript
  38. YouTube
  39. TopTal
  40. Toggl
  41. Meetup
  42. GoogleDrive
  43. Disqus
  44. Skype
  45. GetApp
  46. FocusAtWill
  47. Windows-File-Explorer
  48. fitness-equipment-LifeCycle
  49. PipeDrive
  50. Line2
  51. LastPass
  52. Thinkster
  53. InfusionSoft
  54. Process-Street
  55. GoogleCalendar
  56. Air-Canada
  57. Airlines
  58. Craigslist
  59. ClickFunnels
  60. Vectr
  61. Taiga
  62. Canva
  63. Elementor
  64. illustrator
  65. SwitfKey

If you are especially curious about any of these (or if you work at any of these!) and want to hear about it sooner rather than later, throw down a comment and let me know. I’ll be happy to oblige.

And, if you are a recruiter or tech company that is hiring for UX/UI, product development/management, or front-end development – definitely drop me a line, let’s have a serious chat about what I can do for you (10X your investment in me, I guarantee).

Looking forward to your comments! (even if this post has aged by the time you see it, share your thoughts anyhow!)


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